Prize Process

The Contrarian Prize is awarded biennially.  To be eligible candidates must be active in British public life e.g. business, politics, journalism, academia, writing or activism and should have demonstrated the following:

•    Introduction of new ideas into the public realm and an impact on the public debate
•    Independence of thought and judgement
•    Courage and conviction in his/her actions
•    Sacrifice by putting principle above personal advancement

To be considered an individual must receive at least one nomination from a member of the public via the website detailing how the person concerned has fulfilled the criteria.  Submissions should be no longer than 200 words.

In addition, key opinion-formers from a variety of sectors including academic, business, charity and the media are also invited to nominate a Contrarian they believe is worthy of this accolade.

All nominations received will be carefully considered by the panel of judges and a shortlist of up to five individuals will be revealed.  The winner will be announced at the annual prize-giving ceremony.

Nominations open: 1 October 2023
Nominations close: 31 December 2023
Shortlist announced: 31 May 2023
Prize awarded: June 2023